You don't need to be an economist to earn DinoMoney 🙂

Come on DinoCoins

Let us explain briefly,

All purchases you will make from Dinossi Online or Local Stores will receive DinoCoins as a gift instead of real money.

If you say how to win, all questions are below.

How do I win?

How do I earn DinoMoney?

It's very easy, you must be logged in before shopping to earn Dinopara. If you are not a member, you must be a member before placing your order.

Kazanacağın DinoPara tutarı satın aldığın ürünlere bağlı olarak değişir. Minimum %0.5 oranıdır. Gizli ve süpriz ürünlerde %70'lere kadar çıkan DinoPara kazanabilirsin.

DinoCoins are loaded into your DinoWallet as in the example table below.

If you shop 1000TL, you earn at least 5TL DinoPara.

The DinoCoins you will earn are already displayed in your basket and at the checkout.

How do I spend DinoCoins?

That's hard because you'll want to buy everything with your DinoCoins 🙂

You will see a page called DinoWallet in your account, of course you need to log in to the system first, if you have shopped from our site with your member login before, you can see the DinoCoins you have earned here. Without forgetting, if you wish, you can send money to your loved ones from DinoWallet.

Then do your normal shopping, add your products to the basket, you will see your DinoWallet balance in the payment method on the payment page, you can spend all or part of your shopping in this way according to your dinocüzdan balance.

What is DinoWallet?

If you add money to your DinoWallet and shop with DinoPara, you will earn %1 DinoPara for each money you add.

For example: 1000 TL Let's Imagine that you upload money to your DinoWallet, you will earn an extra 10 TL DinoPara.

In other words, before you do your shopping, if you wish, you can first log in to your account with your Credit Card or Bank Transfer, then go to the DinoPara Section and Load DinoPara.

You can shop at any time with your money in your DinoWallet.

You must be logged in to use the DinoWallet.