Postpartum sex guide


week by week pregnancy After the process, you held your baby in your arms. Now, sex after childbirth season begins! To revive your pleasant relationship with your spouse and to have the most accurate information sex after childbirth Our guide will help you.

  • Does sexuality decrease after giving birth?

Actually, the answer to this question varies from person to person. However, when we look at it in general terms, sexuality may decrease due to the needs of the baby, birth weights gained during pregnancy, sensitivity in the vagina and psychological coldness. However, do not be alarmed,High HeelsAs the ” team, we have brought a solution to this problem!

It is normal for women to lose their sex drive after giving birth. The same situation can even be seen in men. Because a man who witnessed the birth of his wife personally may see the place where the baby was born and may not want to approach that area again. However, if you apply the right tactics, your sex life can be even better than before.

  • Why does the sexual desire of women decrease?

Women complain about the physical change in their bodies after giving birth, and especially genitals He worries about whether he has undergone a change. The seam marks also play an important role here.


  • Are men affected by women's weight gain?

In contrast, experts say it's not uncommon for men to complain about their partner's body changing. They are mostly affected psychologically by this situation. Another reason is that your emotional state prevents them from approaching you. In some cases, the problem is that the man no longer sees his wife as just a mother.

  • When does sex start after giving birth?

Normal or cesarean section birth you may have done. You have to wait for your health to fully recover before starting sexuality again. It is definitely not recommended to have sexual intercourse while postpartum bleeding continues. Because the uterus is open to infections in this process and can cause various diseases. Moreover, the bleeding here can disturb the man or woman and affect it psychologically.

The ideal time to start a sexual life after delivery is to wait for any bleeding to end. After the body is completely healed and pain is not felt, you can have sexual intercourse with your partner.

Do not have sexual intercourse after giving birth in the following situations:

  • Bleeding
  • Stream
  • Pain
  • Cramp
  • negative psychology
  • Inflammation
  • Infection


  • Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?

Yes, this is a very important topic! About 2 months after birth, the uterus becomes ready for rebirth, ovulation begins. Therefore, it must be protected. As people say, breast milk does not protect against pregnancy. You must use a condom during sexual intercourse. You can choose birth control methods after breastfeeding is over.

sex after childbirth We hope the guide was useful to you.

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