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What are the signs of premature birth?

One of the biggest fears of pregnant women approaching the time of birth is the possibility of premature birth. Contractions experienced during this period are perceived by many women as a sign of preterm labour. However, there are some differences between these contractions and preterm labour contractions. As the 'High Heels' team, we are here for you signs of premature birthto find out what happened to you.

What are the signs of premature birth?

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  • Preterm labour contractions can occur in the second and third trimester. These contractions are repeated more often as time passes.
  • Pain and pressure in the lower back and back
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Coloured or bloody discharge
  • Pain resembling menstrual pain
  • Intestinal cramps are among the symptoms of preterm labour.

When even one of these symptoms is experienced with contractions, it is absolutely necessary to inform the doctor.

Can premature birth be prevented?

If premature labour has started, it is very important not to panic immediately. In such a case, premature labour can be prevented by contacting the doctor quickly, together with bed rest. Hospitalisation can also be carried out if necessary.

What should people at risk of preterm labour do?

If you are at risk of premature birth;

  • Constant rest is required
  • Should consume plenty of fluids
  • Pay attention to hygiene against urinary tract infection
  • No heavy lifting
  • You should avoid stress.

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