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Boy names that start with the letter G


If you want to name your baby starting with the letter G, you can get ideas from our baby names guide. The most beautiful male names and their meanings can be found in the list below.

  • GAFFAR Pitying, forgiving
  • GAFUR Forgiving, forgiving sins
  • WINNER: Defeated, victorious
  • GANI: Rich, generous, abundant, contented with what he has
  • STRANGE: Lonely, lonely, stranger / Strange
  • GAZANFER Lion - valiant, brave
  • VETERAN Wounded in battle
  • GEDIZ: Puddle, pond - a river in the Aegean
  • YOUNG: Young, fresh
  • GENCALP: Young valiant, hero
  • GENCAY: One week of the moon, crescent moon
  • YOUNG Young valiant
  • GENCO: Being young, young means that
  • GİRAY: Suitable, formerly the title given to the Crimean khans
  • INTRUSIVE Easy to sympathise with
  • GÖKALP: Blue-eyed valour - The valour of the skies
  • GOKAY Beautiful like the sky and the moon
  • GARDEN Green leaf
  • GÖKCAN Greened, fresh life, full of longing
  • GORGEOUS Gokrengi, chest
  • GORGEOUS: Good, nice.
  • SKY: Private like the sky
  • GOKHAN Ruler of the heavens Great Khan like the sky
  • GOKHUN Gok+Hun from Old Turkic names
  • GOKMEN Sky-coloured eyes
  • CELESTIAL Related to the sky, belonging to the sky
  • GOKTAN Blue Dawn
  • GOKTUĞ Owner of the sky-coloured tug
  • GÖKTÜRK Root Turk / A Turkish state in history
  • POWERHAN Tough, strong khan
  • STRONG: Strong, powerful - Important, effective - Violent
  • GÜLHAN Beautiful hakan like a rose
  • GÜLTEKİN: From the name of Kültigin. Trusted, trustworthy, good for everyone.
  • GÜNALP: Valiant like the sun
  • SUN Sun and moon - Sunny place
  • SUNRISE: East wind - the direction in which the sun rises
  • DAY The opposite of night
  • SUNRISE Time for the sun to rise
  • DAYER Hero of the day
  • SOLAR The energy source of our planetary system
  • SOUTH: One of the four directions - Always sunny place
  • DAYDAY: In the sense of have a good day
  • GÜNHAN The name of the one symbolising the Sun among the six sons of Oghuz
  • DAYLIGHT Daylight, flood of light
  • DAYSER Give light, shine
  • SUNRISE The time just before sunrise
  • SUN: One like the sun
  • GÜRAL Buy a lot, buy plenty
  • GÜRALP: Strong valour
  • GURAY: Fertile, abundant month
  • STRONG: Developed, well-built, sturdy
  • GÜRCAN Loving everyone, self-sacrificing
  • FIGURE: In a constant state of formation and transformation
  • GÜRKAN: Robust, blood abundant
  • GÜROL May you have plenty of everything for the rest of your life
  • LUSH Related to lushness, lush
  • GÜRSOY Strong, populous descendant
  • GURTAN Lighted, wide tan place
  • TRUST Confidence, safety
  • TRUST: Trust - Joyful - Reliance, help
  • NORTH: Sunless place, north
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