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How should nutrition be during pregnancy?


We interviewed with Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr Aylin Akıncı for important issues such as nutrition during pregnancy, use of make-up products, taking nutritional supplements. Learn what you are curious about during pregnancy from the expert and hold your baby with joy and health!

  • What should be considered in nutrition during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a natural process. We should pay more attention to the rules of healthy living and nutrition that we pay attention to in our own lives for our growing child. week by week pregnancy The first three months are the most critical and vulnerable period in terms of organ development. During this period, our nutrition, the medicines we have to use, the environmental factors we are under the influence of affect the mental and physical development of the baby. We should pay attention to healthy nutrition during pregnancy. We should consume foods containing additives that are sold ready packaged. We should eat natural home-made foods.

  • What should be avoided in pregnant nutrition?

Tea and coffee consumption should be reduced, instead we should drink buttermilk milk and freshly prepared fruit juices. We should increase the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, but we should wash them well. Our daily diet should be protein-based, 150 g of red or white meat should be consumed every day, and fish should be eaten at least twice a week. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and calcium that may enter the body as a result of environmental pollution during pregnancy may have a toxic effect on the foetus and should be avoided.

  • What is the harm of drinking alcohol and smoking during pregnancy?

Baby The foetus does not see smoking in the womb, but it is badly affected by the low oxygen levels caused by smoking. The effect of alcohol intake on the foetus does not depend on the quantity. The higher the quantity, the greater the likelihood of adverse effects, but small amounts of alcohol can also have harmful effects. Alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy.


  • Can hair be dyed during pregnancy?

Foods containing additives, contact with industrial residues containing heavy metals, viral infections, excessive contact with chemicals are all harmful factors for the foetus.

The mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of hair colours and cosmetics are not clearly known, but the bad effects of their use have not been demonstrated. Expectant mothers should be aware of this.

  • Is iron supplementation necessary during pregnancy?

Iron deficiency is the most important cause of anaemia during pregnancy. Anaemia adversely affects foetus development, so iron supplementation should be done.

  • When should folic acid be taken?

Folic acid without getting pregnant 400 microgr./day should be started two months before or when pregnancy is learnt in unplanned pregnancies, and a higher dose should be started if there is a history of a fetus with mss anomalies such as spina bifida. The brain needs choline folic acid iron and special fats (ganglioside syphingolipids DHA). We can get these with a balanced diet with protein and fats and supplements we use during pregnancy.

  • Can I take vitamin supplements during pregnancy?

Adversely affected by zinc deficiency during pregnancy. A relationship has been established between congenital brain anomalies due to DNA and RNA synthesis. It has been observed that riboflavin B6 vitamins in multivitamins are associated with alertness in newborn children. Magnesium, which should be used during pregnancy, prevents muscle contractions and premature birth pains that are common in pregnant women. The likelihood of hypertension in pregnant women who regularly use magnesium is reduced.

  • What does the baby feel in the womb?

The mental development of the baby begins in the womb. When the fetus develops the ability to hear in the 16th week, the first sound it hears is the sound of the mother's heart. In the womb, the mother's pulse sounds and bowel sounds are present. These sounds resemble classical music. Babies' favourite music is Mozart. Being in a positive mood gives the baby a feeling of love and trust.

  • Does tooth and hair loss occur during pregnancy?

Hair and tooth loss during pregnancy is due to insufficient calcium intake. During pregnancy, 500 mg more calcium should be added to daily food. In addition, we should consume four portions of calcium foods a day. These can be milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, ice cream.

Thank you to Medicana Mother and Child Centre Hospital for nutrition during pregnancy!

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