As Dinossi team, we know that you had incredible adventures to get this report card 🙂 We want to give you a small gift. For all children who send their report cards via our instagram page, we have a randomly selected book on different subjects such as Turkish, content, coloring, fairy tales, education, which they can not drop during the free shipping period and during the free summer holiday period.

Only our children who send their report cards during the story period we publish on Instagram will be able to receive this gift.

The starting time of this campaign is 17.06.2022 and 16:00.

End Date: 18.06.2022 and 16:00.

The books will be sent to your address completely free of charge, including shipping. Please send us a message via our instagram page below, together with your report card, the Name, Surname, Telephone number of an elder from your family and where you want the book to be delivered, together with your address.

Instagram: @dinossicom Click here to submit the report card. (You should send your report card via our instagram page here.)