HELLO 2024


Dinossi, our expected Christmas Discounts and Gift Options page is live! Let's catch the opportunities below.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year

We know, the year 2023 was very difficult for the whole world. But we are very hopeful for the year 2024 🙂 We wish you a wonderful, healthy, very enjoyable New Year with all your loved ones, a brand new year in which you will only cry from happiness and everything will be as you wish.

Come on, you can spend time on our Christmas Page with pleasure by listening to our New Year's song sung by Dinossi Children for you.

Dinossi Turkey Team

Let every new year be a new beginning!

My Magical Dinossi Christmas Deals?


Even Santa Claus chooses his gifts from Dinossi 🙂

We know that you have waited 1 year for Dinossi opportunities worthy of the Christmas spirit, and we know very well that the year 2023 we left behind was very difficult for the whole world.

That's why we wanted to make you smile a little this Christmas. Keep looking down below with our smile-inducing discounts.


Even if we can't get in through the chimney, we will deliver your gifts to your door on time.

In addition to the discounts on the Magical Dinossi Christmas page this year, our 10.ooo (OnBin) users who ordered Christmas will find surprise gifts from our Smiggle, Omiebox and Tonies brands in their packages.


That moment is priceless 😉

Your Christmas Voucher Code: AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE 🙂 

Sayfanın en altındaki kodu, ödeme sayfasında Kuponum Var butonuna dokunarak eklediğinde bu yıl tüm indirimlere ek %10 İndirim kuponu senindir. 

Let's take a look at the new year gifts we have chosen for you below 😉

Party Time!