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What is good for gas pain during pregnancy?

Gas pain and bloating during pregnancy is a problem experienced by most expectant mothers. You should not perceive the gas pain experienced during this period as a problem. With some effective methods, you can alleviate this problem and have a better pregnancy. Alright, What is good for gas pain during pregnancy? As the High Heels team, we offer useful information about gas pains during pregnancy for expectant mothers.

What causes gas during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you can suffer from gas pains for many reasons. Causes of gas pain during pregnancy include:

Hormones: Hormonal changes during pregnancy slow down the digestive system. Food is digested slower and harder. This is why gas pains are experienced while pregnant.

Constipation: Another problem experienced during pregnancy is constipation. Constipation affects the digestive system. It causes indigestion and gas pains.

Before pregnancy: If you have frequent gas and indigestion problems before getting pregnant, there is a high probability that you will experience it during pregnancy.

Nutrition: The diet and the foods you consume cause gas pains during pregnancy. As long as you consume gas-producing foods and beverages, you cannot get rid of this complaint during pregnancy.

Inactivity: Leading a sedentary life leads to gas pains while pregnant. If you stay still, the gas in your body will not have the opportunity to come out and it will disturb you.

When does gas pain start during pregnancy?

gas during pregnancy and bloating can begin in the first weeks of pregnancy. Of course, this timing may not apply to every expectant mother. You may not encounter many common symptoms and complaints during this period.

Does gas pain during pregnancy harm the baby?

The baby is not affected by this at all. It may even perceive the humming coming from the stomach due to gas as a lullaby. On the other hand, with the slowing down of the digestive system, the nutrients are absorbed into the blood in a longer time. Thanks to this situation, more nutrients reach the baby.

Methods that are good for gas pain during pregnancy

It may not be possible to completely eliminate the changes and complaints that occur in your body during pregnancy. However, you can apply methods that will reduce the negative effects. Here are the methods that are good for gas pains during pregnancy…

Get rid of constipation!

Constipation causes indigestion and gas pains during pregnancy. For this reason, you can alleviate your gas pain complaints by preventing constipation with healthy habits you will adopt in your diet and daily life.

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Eat slowly and sit down!

When you eat fast, you swallow air with your food. Air bubbles that you swallow also trigger gas formation. So try to eat slow and small bites. You should also avoid eating a large serving at a meal. Because large portions make digestion difficult and tire the stomach.

Make sure to chew your food thoroughly while eating. Eat while sitting, not standing. This will make it easier for you to digest what you eat.

For chamomile tea!

Chamomile tea is one of the herbal teas that will relieve gas pain during pregnancy. You can easily consume it to relieve indigestion and gas problems. In addition to chamomile tea, warm water with lemon is also available. gas pain during pregnancyit's good for you.

Do not drink liquids during meals!

Consuming liquids while eating makes your stomach bloated, causing indigestion and gas pains. Try to coincide fluid consumption between meals during pregnancy. Take care not to consume liquids half an hour before and 1 hour after a meal.


Sports are very useful in solving digestive and intestinal problems. Therefore, do regular sports and exercise for the regular functioning of the intestines and the disappearance of gas complaints.

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Foods that cause gas during pregnancy

  • Fried and fatty foods
  • processed animal products
  • sugary cereals
  • carbonated drinks
  • heavy sauces
  • Onions, Cabbage and Beans

What is good for gas pain during pregnancy, you learned. When you have problems such as gas, bloating, indigestion, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking medication.

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