Dinossi – 10 Special Series Dry Paint Set

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Dinossi tests all products for you at European standards and offers you products that it fully trusts. In particular, it does not offer you any products that are not suitable for health and our children.

This item is now in the next day warehouse. It is delivered to you within 2 days at the latest from the date of your order.

Health Test Status: Done, Suitable for Health.

Production place: England

Quality Standard: Tested in accordance with European Standards. Suitable.

Product description:

The special gift box contains exactly 10 fun dry crayons.

  • Package dimensions: H:83mm NS:20mm L:183mm
  • This product has CE certification.
  • This product is made from recycled materials.

This product is produced in a limited number and all income is donated to our children with down syndrome. It will not be re-opened when stocks run out.

Worldwide Stock Total: 45 thousand 221 units. All income from this total will be transferred to different down syndrome foundations in 79 countries in return for their needs. 8 Million 094 Thousand 559 Turkish Liras will be donated from the total number of stocks.

As Dinossi, many products that we produce ourselves are produced and sold in order to support our children in different categories, and their income is donated to our children in need. We are grateful to you for being with us in this charity movement.

All KidyLove products are produced in European standards.

Size Chart:

All KidyLove products are produced in European standards. You can choose your shoe, sandal and slipper size according to the measurements below. If you don't know how to measure foot length HERE You can click and download our foot length measurement chart and print it out from your printer and measure it.


Dinossi - Special Series Dry Paint Set with 10'

179,00 TL

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