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Product quality information;

Health Test Status: Done, Suitable for Health.

Production place: England – Spain

Quality Standard: Tested in accordance with European Standards. Suitable.

Product description:

Developed in Dinossi UK private laboratories,
Çocuk mavi ışık korumalı gözlüklerimiz, onların maruz kaldıkları cep telefonu, tabletler ve bilgisayar ekranları gibi dijital cihazların yaydığı mavi ışığı %70 oranında filtreleyerek yüksek koruma sağlar. Bu konforlu model ile çocuklarınızın gözlerini mavi ışıktan koruyun.

Frame Dimensions:
Width: 12.5CM
Bridge: 1.3CM
Measurements can be easily made to special sizes for you free of charge by our opticians in all cities with Dinossi contract.

Why should you use blue light protection glasses?

The time we spend in front of digital screens is increasing day by day, and therefore, a new research is added every day on the effect of blue light emitted from digital screens on human health.

We use a lot in our daily life; energy-saving light bulbs, led lighting, TV and computer screens, tablets and smartphones are energy sources that contain high levels of blue light. With the increase of such artificial light sources, blue light; He became known for his drowsy eyes, insomnia, headache, retinal damage, cataracts and health problems resulting from disruption of the circadian rhythm.

Although studies on the effect of long-term exposure to blue light on human health are still ongoing; Experts agree that prolonged exposure to blue light negatively impacts our body's natural cycle of resting at night, being awake and alert during the day ('Circadian Rhythm'). Namely; Blue light waves emitted from artificial light sources cause the brain to think of itself in the middle of the day. Especially if we are exposed to blue light after sunset; It has been seen that blue light prevents the brain from secreting the sleep hormone, melatonin, making it difficult for a person to fall asleep. It is stated that this situation can lead to sleep disturbance, eyestrain, headache, feeling of tiredness and other health problems.

In particular, studies have shown that the blue light emitted from LED lamps; It points out that it can cause permanent retinal damage and vision loss may occur as a result.

Blue-light protection glasses (Screen Glasses) provide protection by filtering the blue light that comes directly into the eyes from mobile phones, tablets, computer screens and other artificial light sources that we use every day.

Digital Eyestrain
Yetişkinlerin %62`si uzun süre dijital cihazların kullanımına bağlı olarak göz yorgunluğunda şikayetçi olmaktadır.
Sleeping disorder
It has been determined that blue light prevents the brain from secreting the sleep hormone, melatonin, making it difficult for a person to fall asleep.
Health and Vision Problems
Currently, researchers are investigating the effect of blue light on human health, possible retinal damage, cataracts, and health problems such as obesity.

What are screen glasses with blue light protection?

Blue-light protected glasses have special filters that reduce blue light to a certain extent. Special models have been developed to protect your eyes against the harmful effects of blue light. These glasses are unnumbered, they are sold without a prescription as they are not medical devices.

It can also be applied to the blue light filter, sunglasses and prescription lenses.

Bu tip gözlükle; mavi ışık korumalı gözlük, bilgisayar gözlüğü, ekran koruyucu gözlük olarak bilinmektedir. Bu gözlükler, dijital ekranlardan ve yapay ışık kaynaklarından göze gelen mavi ışığı %30 oranında filtreleyebilme özelliğine sahiptir.

How can I buy screen glasses with blue light protection?

Dinossi offers a wide range of blue light protection screen glasses models suitable for different styles.

We are waiting for you in our stores to try our blue light protection screen glasses models. If you want, you can choose the model you want from our website, try it at home with free shipping, and if you don't like it, you can change or return it with free return, without paying any shipping fee. Our glasses are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our blue light protection screen glasses models are unnumbered, so they are sold without a prescription.

With our blue light protection screen glasses, you can reduce the possible damage of blue light to your eye health, while complementing your style with modern and stylish designs.

If you are wondering about the attractive prices of our blue light protection glasses, you can view our product group under the name of Display Glasses, and you can find the locations of our stores in the 'Stores' section of our website.

Who should choose glasses with blue light protection?

Screen glasses with blue light protection, which protect your eyes against the negative effects of blue light sources, are preferred by people who look at the screen intensely, especially in the evening. Especially if you spend time in front of your phone, tablet or computer late in the evening, you can help reduce the negative effects of blue light waves coming into your eyes by using screen glasses. Screen glasses are preferred by people who care about their eye health.


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