Dinossi – Kız Çocuk Kışlık Kürklü Yumuşak ve Hafif Çizme

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Dinossi tests all products for you at European standards and offers you products that it fully trusts. In particular, it does not offer you any products that are not suitable for health and our children.

Product quality information;

Health Test Status: Done, Suitable for Health.

Production place: England

Quality Standard: Tested in accordance with European Standards. Suitable.

Product description:

Great for muddy outdoor adventures, these waterproof boots feature a non-slip sole, adjustable cuffs to keep legs warm, and reflective heels for safety. 3M Thinsulate™ waterproof insulation opens up a whole new world of warmth and comfort. Made with hydrophobic fibers for enhanced water resistance, it helps keep users warm, comfortable and dry without the unnecessary weight.

It has a soft sole. With a weight of 107 to 120 grams, it is as comfortable as wearing a sneaker.

This product has undergone additional UK health testing and processes. Turkey sales are made only by Dinossi.


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