Dinossi Gel Al Point

We know that most stores can be very annoying, there are many annoying elements such as a salesperson constantly following you, limited product display, very high radiation exposure in shopping malls, additional costs to consumers...

With Dinossi GEL AL points around the world, you can see, try and buy the products you want in comfort with our teammates who will not keep you busy with almost all product and brand groups and you can receive your online orders quickly by saving shipping costs or time. GEL AL point in this location is with you at the address below.

Dinossi Gel Al Point

Turkey, Istanbul - Umraniye

Camlik Mahallesi, Dinç Sokak No:2 Dinossi Plaza, Umraniye Istanbul

This is our TR Headquarters building. Come and Buy Point is located on the 1st floor of Dinossi Plaza. You can reach it more easily with signs and directions.

Branch Representative Direct Contact:  +90 216 706 51 36 Extension: 6

Working Hours:

  • Haftaiçi: 10:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 14:00
  • Market Closed

On weekdays the working hours may be longer, on weekends we may be open on Sunday and we may have longer working hours, so please call our branch representative and ask for opening hours.

For transportation, you can click on the location information below and you can reach directly from the great location.

Address Description:

At the right building at the entrance of Dinç Street - Opposite Antep Sofrası Kebab Restaurant, if you see the American College, enter the first street on the right with the American College on your right as you go up the slope.