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9 benefits of sex during pregnancy


While you are waiting for your baby, you can continue your relationship with your spouse with pleasure. sexual intercourse during pregnancy Curious about Op. Dr. We consulted with Betül Görgen. through the eyes of an expert sexual intercourse during pregnancy You will learn its benefits and add color to your life. If you wish, you can find sexual intercourse positions with pictures at the end of our special news.

  • Is sexual intercourse beneficial during pregnancy?

Everyone says something about how you can strengthen your immune system. According to scientific research, people who have frequent sex are less sick. Pregnant women already have a suppressed immune system compared to normal. Sex increases the number of antibodies that fight diseases in the body, and in this way, you will be protected from the last diseases you want to happen to you while you are waiting for your little baby.

  • Does it reduce tension and stress?

Expectant mothers can sometimes be overwhelmed by the difficulties of pregnancy. Tiredness feeling and being unable to relax can negatively affect your overall mood. During sexual intercourse, endorphins, which are beneficial for both mother and baby, are released with orgasm, which helps to improve your mood. In addition, the hormone oxytocin increases the love and closeness between the mother and father, opening the door to a happier relationship. You probably didn't know that orgasm had so many benefits.

  • Does sexual intercourse relieve childbirth?

Semen contains components called prostaglandins that help open and soften the uterus. During orgasm, too much oxytocin is secreted. This hormone is also the hormone that causes contractions and helps your baby to be born through the uterine canal. If your body is ready for labor, having sex can trigger the onset of labor contractions. When the contractions start, if you are meeting these contractions with your partner, you may be sexually aroused by being close to him and due to the high oxytocin secreted. As long as the gestational sac is not opened and the mother's water does not come out, it is completely safe to have sexual intercourse during labor contractions and is even beneficial for childbirth. As it sounds a bit strange, many couples would not even think of trying something like this. But sexual intercourse during contractions can advance the birth, making the baby come into the world more quickly.

The pelvic floor muscles, which are strengthened during pregnancy, help the mother recover faster after the birth of the baby. A strong pelvic floor makes it easier to deliver the baby, and the healing process is less painful.


  • Does it have an effect on sleeping more comfortably?

Pregnant women may experience sleep problems at any stage of pregnancy. In particular, the need to go to the toilet frequently is quite disturbing during the first trimester of pregnancy. In the last trimester, the expectant mother may not be able to sleep comfortably due to her well-grown belly. Some women also experience insomnia due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Sex can eliminate all these sleep problems, because right after orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which helps a person to become relaxed and sleepy. A mother who has a good night's sleep means a more energetic mother in the morning.

  • Does it prevent urinary incontinence during pregnancy?

Many women have had it when they were coughing, laughing, or surprised at something they didn't expect during their pregnancy. Your pelvic floor is like a trampoline that holds all the organs in your pelvis and helps control your bladder. Having sex helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Orgasm causes contractions in the pelvic muscles. It's like you're doing an enjoyable workout. When urinating, the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine are the pelvic floor muscles.

  • Does sexual intercourse during pregnancy reduce pain?

Many pregnant women dream of throwing themselves in bed all day long, but when they get to bed at the end of the day, they realize that they can't feel comfortable there either. The rapidly growing uterus puts a great strain on the body in general, which sometimes causes pain. But sex can prevent these pains. During orgasm, the hormone oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone", is secreted, and this hormone has properties such as preventing pain and increasing pain tolerance.

  • What are the benefits for maternal health?

A healthy diet during pregnancy helps keep blood pressure at the desired level, but scientific studies have shown that sexual intercourse is also effective in lowering systolic blood pressure (high blood pressure). Having your blood pressure at the desired level is important because it reduces the risks for your baby and your health and pregnancy. Healthy blood pressure can protect you from having artificial labor (induction) for childbirth or even having a cesarean section.

  • Does it make pregnant happy?

The period in a couple's life when they are expecting their baby should always be a good time to remember, but there are times when this period causes stress. Again, against stress, orgasm is a source of relief. Oxytocin and endorphins activate the pleasure centers in the brain, which reduces tension, stress and even depression.

  • What should be considered during sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

If there is no condition that would endanger the pregnancy, such as unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge of amniotic fluid, cervical insufficiency, the baby's partner below, previous premature birth, multiple pregnancy. your pregnancy You can have sexual intercourse at any time. The important thing is to move slowly. vaginal drynessIt is necessary to act carefully during sexual intercourse during pregnancy due to reasons such as extra sensitive cervix and staining after sexual intercourse.

  • Does every woman want sex?

During pregnancy, some women's interest in sex increases, while others decrease. Do whatever feels right and makes you comfortable. If they are men, please be careful to make the expectant mothers comfortable. Do not force your spouse to have intercourse even if he does not want it, saying that it is possible to have intercourse during pregnancy.

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