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How to deal with fatigue and weakness during pregnancy?

It is normal to feel tired and sluggish during pregnancy, especially in the first weeks. Hormonal changes that take place in this process can cause fatigue, nausea and emotional depression. Alright, how to get rid of fatigue and weakness during pregnancy? Here are the answers…

How to deal with fatigue during pregnancy?

To get rid of fatigue during pregnancy, take time to relax. Fatigue can cause you to feel weak and have some negative effects on your health. To prevent this situation, make sure you eat healthy and get plenty of rest and sleep.

Does fatigue during pregnancy affect the baby?

During pregnancy, you may feel even more tired due to the increasing weight day by day. As your baby grows, it becomes harder for you to get a good night's sleep. You may feel the need to go to the toilet frequently. When all these come together, fatigue becomes inevitable during pregnancy. Fatigue during pregnancy won't hurt you or your baby, it just makes your life a little harder.

dreams during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women have strange dreams or even nightmares about the baby and birth. You can talk to your partner or doctor to get rid of the effects of these nightmares. Relaxation and breathing exercises can also help reduce your worries and fears.

Pay attention to the sleeping position during pregnancy!

in pregnancy The safest sleeping position is to sleep on its side. In fact, it is much better to lie on the left side for more comfortable blood flow.

Sleeping on the back is inconvenient for the baby. Therefore, for the health of your baby, you should avoid sleeping on your back. It is not necessary to lie fully to the right or to the left. It will be enough to lie down with your stomach slightly turned to the side. You may not be able to stay in the same position all night. If you find yourself lying on your back when you wake up, don't worry. This will not harm your baby. Go back to sleep and curl up again.

Does insomnia during pregnancy affect the baby?

If you have insomnia during pregnancy, do not think that this will harm your baby. Take a nap whenever you can and try to go to bed early. Caffeine makes it difficult to fall asleep, prevents quality sleep. Therefore, do not consume beverages such as tea and coffee in the evening. Try ways to relax before going to bed. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep. You can also resort to relaxation techniques.

Be careful not to stand still!

You can do yoga or pilates to prevent fatigue and weakness during pregnancy. Regular exercise helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and weakness. Therefore, even if you feel tired during the day, take care to take a walk or swim.

Eat a balanced diet to prevent fatigue!

Insomnia, increased urge to urinate, altered mood can make you feel sluggish during the day. To prevent this situation, sleep regularly, eat a balanced diet and try to stay away from stress. In this process, do not use herbal tea and nutritional supplements without consulting your doctor.

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