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hello 2023


hello 2023

We know, the year 2022 has been very difficult all over the world. But our hope is to spend a year full of happiness and success with your whole family in 2023, when everything will be much better and with plenty of health, let's move on to 2023 🙂 As Dinossi International family, we celebrate your new year. We would like to say that we are grateful to all our users who see the Dinossi family as their own family.

Let's come to the news you've been waiting for then 🙂

The highly anticipated Dinossi New Year Gift Options, New Year Decorations and Christmas Sale Have Started!

Üstelik Bu Yıl Her Noel’den Daha Farklı Olarak. Bu Yıl Tüm Ürünlerdeki İndirimlerin Yanı Sıra Birde Tüm ürünlerdeki İndirimlere Ek %10’luk İndirim Kuponu Hediye Ediyoruz 🙂

Bu Fırsat Dolu Noel Sayfamızdaki Tüm Ürünler İçin Geçerlidir. Tüm Ürün İndirimlerine Ek Sepette %10 İndirim Kuponunuz: CHRISTMAS2023 You can take advantage of additional discount by typing. You can get the discount by entering the coupon code into the I Have Coupon field on the Payment Page. You can use this coupon for all your purchases between 2 and 31 December 2022 without any limit.

Remember, if you don't want to have stock problems, we recommend that you do your Christmas shopping in advance.

Tonies & Toniebox

We can say that it is the best gift to be received in the New Year 🙂

For Fancy Girls

Fancy girls' christmas gifts for totally healthy play makeup, fake nails, personal care products and more


Cool, Fun and High Quality Bag Options

Christmas Decorations

Our fun new year decorations are waiting for you.

Girl's Boots

Our Dinossi Boots, which we specially designed for the Autumn and Winter seasons, are now a classic.

Men's Boots

You can step on any mud you want this winter with our dinossi boots designed for extremely cool men 🙂

Pencil Cases

Pencil boxes are the best gifts that can be received in the new year. Especially if they're all cool

Cool Watches

Perhaps one of the most classic gifts is the watch, but it is still one of the most stylish gifts in our opinion.

Dinossi's Picks

Christmas Gifts Chosen by Dinossi Team for You This Year

Nutrition & Drinking

Lunch Boxes, Drinkers & Flasks, Lunch Boxes and more are some of the best gifts.


Do adults only use wallets to carry money or store personal belongings? No of course 🙂


Cheerful, cute and very cool pens, erasers, rulers, notebooks and all our stationery products

Music and Headphones

Thanks to the headphones specially produced for children, they can listen to music comfortably without harming their ears.


Discover Our New Year's Eve Stories, Recipes and All Our Other New Year's Content

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