Tonies – Instructive and Instructive Tales from Turkish Grandmother Voice Figure

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Included Music - Listen to Examples of Stories: 

Product Description:

Long live the tonies figures with you with TURKISH traditional stories and songs!
All you have to do is buy the Turkish content you like and place it on your Toniebox.
You can find a demo of this story in the Content Play Area above. Summary of this Tonies story:
Fairy tales from Dinossi's Grandmother that are both instructive, educational and entertaining and will make them think. All fairy tales include sound effects to heighten your children's imagination when they close their eyes

Contains Music - Stories:

* Story – The Greedy Milkman

* Story – The Cicada and the Ant

* Story – Golden Plate

* Story – Bremen Town Musicians

* Story – The Witch's Magic Vase

* Story – The Reward of Being Honest

* Story – Little Red Riding Hood

* Story – Jealous Neighbor

* Story – Lazy Girl and Hardworking Girl

* Story – The Giving Tree


Playing Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes 14 Seconds
Age Recommendation: 4 Years and Above
Additional Accessory User Manual and Booklet
Voiced by: Dinossi, Tonies Türkiye Team (Anonymous)

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