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Since 2002

Dinossi Technology Ltd. Ltd. (Turkey) – Enjoy next day pickup with local dispatch warehouses in all countries where Dinossi OÜ (Estonia) is present.

75 Countries, 95+ Million Users

With over 95 Million Users in 79 Countries, it is the world's online and local stores for children and women.


The World Is Actually Very Small

As Dinossi, we discovered how small the world is with more than 95 million users in 79 countries.

Dinossi Technology Ltd. Ltd. (Türkiye) – Dinossi OÜ. Our (Estonia) brand was established in 2020. Our central company, Dinossi, which is one of the brands of Dinossi Group of Companies, has been serving the world efficiently with 16 different brands, especially in the field of technology, since 2002.

It has 16 different brands and sub-group companies consisting of Jesminda, Enchroma, Kunduz, Tonies, DroneCargo, GetirCO, KidyLove, SuperTeacher, TrufMarket, Omie, Yoto, Tinc, Little Stardust, Packed Party, Miko and Dinossi.

Dinossi, dinossi.com.tr (Turkey) – dinossi.com (Global) – dinossi.ee (Estonia) – dinossi.us (America USA) – dinossi.co.uk (United Kingdom) – dinossi.nl (Netherlands) – dinossi.es (Spain) – dinossi.de (Germany) – dinossi.ru (Russia) – dinossi.me (Montenegro) – dinossi.in (India) – dinossi.co (Colombia) – dinossi.ch (Switzerland) – dinossi .lv (Latvia) With its established warehouses and local companies in the countries, it offers fast deliveries, reliable products and satisfaction.

Dinossi International@2002


Be moved by Dinossi Technology, which produces and uses the world's first artificial intelligence technology.


Support Our Future

Dinossi distributes a certain percentage of all your orders, regardless of religion, race or country, for education, housing rights and food aid, especially for orphaned children in all locations around the world, through Dinossi Children's Foundation, through Unicef, AÇEV, KİMSEV, Koruncu, Lösev and UNHCR personally reaches those in need through its intermediaries. In this support, these aids are provided through you and on your behalf. We are grateful to you for your support in this matter.

Violence against women

Dinossi, we are against all kinds of violence against women in all our locations around the world, especially in the Middle Eastern countries. In this context, together with the Dinossi Mothers Team, it supports women who have been subjected to violence, who need financial or psychological support, and who have been subjected to violence at least once in their lives, in Dino Kindness Houses, in terms of shelter and all other issues, such as providing legal services and defending their rights, free of charge. provides. In addition, some of the products sold through Dinossi are produced directly by women who were subjected to violence by Dinossi Mothers, and the income of all products produced by women who were subjected to violence as part of our reintegration projects are transferred to women who were subjected to violence.

Dinossi Forests

To date, Dinossi has planted more than 35 million saplings on your behalf, in all its locations around the world, on millions of decares of land, especially in countries where nature is at the forefront, and with waterless agricultural materials to countries that need agricultural support, to look forward to our future with hope. Those who truly make Dinossi Forests flourish are the Dinossi Angel Mothers in our Women Subjected to Violence support program. In our Women Against Violence program, many women around the world have been supported so far in order to reintegrate them into society, and they have searched for more beautiful forests through the eyes of our women who make the world beautiful.