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If you have a company and you love your employees, we say don't miss this opportunity.

Become a Dinossi member workplace for smart companies, smart bosses and very smart employees, and your employees will have advantageous discount coupons special for your company at and our stores.

If you are a company employee, please share this page with your manager immediately. Buy all our school and other children's products with your company-specific fixed and unlimited discount coupon for all your orders throughout the year.


Become a Contracted Company, Your Employees Get All Our Products at Discount. Moreover, no additional payment is requested from the companies for this agreement.

Become Dinossi, the contracted company with your community, and ensure that your employees have unlimited discount coupons for more advantageous shopping throughout the year.

We would like you to know that due to this agreement with companies and the discount coupons provided, we do not request any additional payment from any company that wants to make an agreement.

As Dinossi, this campaign was created to provide equal advantages to all employees working in the same communities.

With each company's own special discount coupon, your company will be more advantageous for all children of its employees with your special company discount coupon in addition to all our individual customer campaigns in our brands such as Dinossi, Smiggle, Tonies, Omiebox.

This discount opportunity does not create an additional cost for companies that want to make an agreement, the invoicing of the orders is made individually to the employee who placed the order, and your company is not billed. The issue here allows your employees working under the same company roof to shop at and dinossi stores at a discount.

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Please fill out the form below completely. After completing the form, you will receive an e-mail. Additional information can be asked in the e-mail or your special discount coupon can be defined and sent for your company. All your company employees will benefit from a single discount coupon and there will be no restrictions.

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