Do you want to buy wholesale products?

OK, we sell wholesale in your country. You can apply for wholesale purchases for certain brands directly through our local company. To apply for our wholesale That there is an obligation to be a commercial enterprise we want you to know.

Wholesale applications are received through our Corporate Sales Group company GlobalsTrade. Click on the wholesale application button below and you will be transferred to our GlobalsTrade site.

1. How Should I Apply?

You can make your wholesale application request to Dinossi by clicking the Apply Wholesale button below and filling out the relevant form. Applications can only be made via the form below.

2. For Which Brands Can I Apply?

We sell distributors of some brands in your country We would like you to know that we are in the position, you can see the brands you can apply for in the application form.

3. Application Result?

Depending on the volume of applications in your country, it may sometimes take a long time for us to respond to you. However, do not worry, one of our representatives will definitely send you a positive or negative mail.

4. Should I Become a Company?

As Dinossi, we sell completely to local companies or commercial companies with more than one store in the same country. So you have to be a company, or you have to establish a commercial company without making your product purchase. If you will open the products for sale outside the current country, you will be exempt from tax and you must document this situation.

Some Brands