Dinossi International Kids Store's, the world's best manufacturer of children's products and the selling point of the best brands of children's products, is now in the world of METAVERSE!

Dinossi Meta World, which is completely harmless and created for our children to adapt to the world of the future in the most appropriate way, is coming soon. It will start broadcasting with VR glasses on this page.

Your parents will have full control of this new world of children, and you will be assured of a management platform.

In addition, you will be able to see our physical products in the Dinossi Family Meta World under parent control, where parents can log in, and you will be able to easily buy your needs.

All our content for kids will be completely free.

The metaverse world for children will come to life only through Dinossi as the first and only platform in the world, and all other metaverse applications with child content will be able to enter the new Dino Meta World under the control of dinossi.

Do not worry, the world of the future will be in our future children and we will ensure that our children enter the new world with the best content.

Contact for creators for our Metaverse Kids World: dino@dinossi.com

Detailed information request for parents:  https://www.dinossi.com/contact-us/

Dinossi Metaverse World for Kids Team

Kids Metaverse has the only 5-Dimensional Kids Content that will be internationally patented as Dinossi Global and will have a harmless content label. The world of Metaverse will be broadcast simultaneously in a total of 79 countries and in your own language.