Grizzy and the Lemmings - Colouring Book with Story

1,01 GBP

Grizzy and Lemings Turkish, Playful, Activity, Story Colouring Book is now only at Kidy Love with very very limited stocks!

Details about this book:

Age group: 3 - 9 Age Books

Book General Category: Colouring Book - Additional Brain Games Found

Book Subcategory: Story, Activity and Colouring Versatile Book

Author: Kidy Love

Publisher: Kidy Love

Number of pages: 15

It is extremely high quality printed on coloured and coated paper.

Content Control Status: Reviewed, Safe.

Book Paper, Paint Quality on Paper, Cover Quality Status: Inspected, Quality Condition Complies with Standards.

Material Health Status: Examined, Produced in accordance with European Standards.

Book Promotion Bulletin:

Grizzy and the Lemings are now on Boomerang TV. Don't miss the special colouring book full of adventures of super grizzy and his friends with crazy fun and chase.

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