Little Stardust - Mermaid Face Wipes and Aloe Vera Set

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Product quality information;

Health Test Status: Done, Suitable for Health.

Production place: England

Quality Standard: Tested in accordance with European Standards. Suitable.

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Product description:

We are pleased to present our special blend to apply the Space Mermaid biodegradable cosmetic glitter aluminium tin with our natural Aloe Vel gel. Our Space Mermaid will be a dazzling space mermaid fairytale, exactly as you can imagine! A mix of Hex sizes for complete coverage. bioglitter Pure series is considered the highest level of independent certification for freshwater biodegradability in the world. Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE has been developed to biodegrade quickly and safely in the natural environment. Bioglitter™ PURE products produce an iridescent effect that is completely unique to Bioglitter™ and completely new to the glitter industry.

*It is made of natural materials instead of plastic.

* Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials

* Aluminium Free - Aluminium-free Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE products are also suitable for lips in the USA and improved formulation compatibility allows them to perform well in liquid and solid soaps.

Cosmetic Bioglitter™ PURE is a global industry award winner:-

    • A certification level recognised as the highest level of its kind in the world
    • Biodegrades quickly and safely in natural, freshwater environments

Aloe Vera jelimiz, ilave koku rengi veya alkol içermeyen Saf, soğuk preslenmiş Aloe Vera bitkisinin etinden yapılmıştır ve kozmetik parıltı uygulamak için mükemmel bir doğal yoldur! İçindekiler – Bitkisel Gliserinli %99,9 Saf Aloe Vera. Çoğu cilt tipi için uygun olmasına rağmen, kullanmadan önce bir yama testi yapmanızı öneririz.

Brand's Awards:

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